Old Gods of Appalachia



Episodes are released EVERY OTHER THURSDAY*
*When we are in season (i.e. not on hiatus working on the next season), with a few exceptions:

  1. Typically we take a break between story arcs, which we will announce at the end of whatever episode we release before that break.
  2. Occasionally we publish bonus stories that fall outside the season. These may be published during the season (for example, a holiday episode) or between seasons (such as with The Wolf Sisters episodes).
  3. Patreon exclusive storylines have different release schedules.

When is the next season coming out?
We take 6-8 months off between seasons every year to work on other projects like Patreon exclusive content and now our live shows. When we’re ready to announce next season’s launch date, we’ll post that date on our socials and Patreon. Be sure to complete your social media ritual and follow us there so you catch that update.


Approximately how long is the live show?
We shoot for around 2 hours.

Do I need to be caught up all the regular season episodes to enjoy the live show?
No. The live shows always feature a standalone story, because we recognize that not everyone listens at the same pace, and some folks may bring friends who are unfamiliar with the series. While your experience will be enhanced by familiarity with recurring characters or lore, it's not necessary to understand and enjoy the stories we present on stage.

Can I transfer my ticket to another venue?
Probably not, because the venues operate independently of one another. Ticketing polices are entirely up to the individual venues. Please reach out to them with any questions about tickets.

Why aren't you coming to my state / city?
The short answer is, of course, that we can't go everywhere. The longer version is that booking and routing a tour is much more complicated than most folks realize. Our booking agent has to consider venue size, which venues of the right size for our show are available in the range of dates we will be in a given region, which order we can book those dates so that we have time to travel between cities without exhausting ourselves before the show, and numerous other factors when booking our tour dates. If you're seeing two dates in your part of the country and wondering why your city isn't included when it's nearby, the likeliest answer is we were unable to secure a date at a venue in your town that made sense for this year's tour. We also are not independently wealthy, nor are we 20-year-olds who can hop in a van, hit the road, and roam the country putting on shows and sleeping on our friends' floors. Steve and Cam have families and pets, and our cast members have families and pets and day jobs they may have to navigate. All of us need rest and downtime, and for our own well-being, we are not touring for more than a couple weeks at a time without a break, nor can we tour year-round. We love seeing everyone’s enthusiasm, and we hope to see you in the future if we haven’t made it to your area just yet.

Will the live shows be streamed?
No, we will not be streaming the live shows.

Are you recording the live shows to release on Patreon?
No, we are not recording live shows at this time. We may, however, release studio recordings of the main story for each tour sometime in the future.


Are transcripts of the show available?
YES, transcripts of the show are available on our website. Visit the Episodes page and navigate to the episode you'd like a transcript for.

Transcripts for Patreon exclusive series are published on Patreon.


Who performs [song I'm interested in that's featured on the show]?
Artists and other credits are listed in the show notes for each episode of Old Gods of Appalachia. You can also learn more about the artists we collaborate with by visiting our Music page.

Is [song I'm interested in that's featured on the show] on Spotify / Amazon Music / etc?
That's up to the individual artists. You'll need to search the platform of your choice to verify whether a given song is available there.

Where can I find sheet music / guitar tabs / etc for [song I'm interested in that's featured on the show]?
Again, that's up to the artists. You'll need to reach out to them if you're unable to find what you're looking for by Googling.


Are you accepting story submissions?
No, we are not accepting unsolicited submissions. Please don't send us short stories, writing samples, etc. For legal liability reasons, they will be deleted unread.

Are you hiring writers?
No. We're not that kind of show, family. OGoA is a collaboration between two very old friends with a clear idea of where we want to go and a well-established process. But we appreciate your interest.

I have an idea for an episode!
We don't accept requests / suggestions, for the same reason we don't accept unsolicited submissions. We appreciate you thinking of us, family, but we have to decline.

I'm an artist and would love to design a t-shirt / write a song / etc.
Awesome. We have worked with a number of musicians and fan artists, and we always obtain permission and compensate them for any work that is used on the show, on t-shirts, etc. Please reach out to us on Instagram, Twitter, or by email to show us your work.

I'm a voice actor who would like a role on the show.
Please sign up here to be notified when we do open casting calls.


What tier do I need to subscribe to to access Build Mama a Coffin and other exclusive stories?
That would be our Not Blood Kin But Almost tier, which is $10 per month.

How often are exclusive stories posted on Patreon?
Beginning June 30, 2023, Patreon exclusive stories will be posted monthly, on the 30th of each month (with the exception of February, when the story will post on the 28th). Some of these may be miniseries which stretch over a few months. Others will be standalone short stories.

I have a question about my Patreon membership / benefits / etc.
If you have questions about your Patreon membership, please check out this Patron-specific FAQ on our Patreon page. (You'll need to be logged in to your Patreon account to access it.)

If the Patreon FAQ doesn't answer your questions, it's best to message us directly through our Patreon page, since that way we can see immediately which account you're asking about. If you're having trouble accessing Patreon's messaging system, please contact us by email.


I have a question about the Old Gods of Appalachia Tabletop Roleplaying Game.

Please direct any questions about Kickstarter / Backerkit orders, shipping, etc. to Monte Cook Games, our partner in the TTRPG. They are handling all aspects of order fulfillment and shipping.