Are transcripts of the show available?
Yes, transcripts of the show are available on our website. Just visit the Episodes page and navigate to the episode you'd like a transcript for. Please note: transcripts are not published concurrently with episodes, as our transcriptionist needs time to listen and transcribe the show. Please be patient.


Who performs [X song I'm interested in that's featured on the show]?
Artists and other credits are listed in the show notes for each episode of Old Gods of Appalachia. You can also learn more about the artists we collaborate with by visiting our About page.

Is [X song I'm interested in that's featured on the show] on Spotify / Amazon Music / etc?
That's up to the individual artists. You'll need to search the platform of your choice to verify whether a given song is available there.

Where can I find sheet music / guitar tabs / etc for [X song I'm interested in that's featured on the show]?
Again, that's up to the artists. You'll need to reach out to them if you're unable to find what you're looking for by Googling.


When are episodes of Old Gods of Appalachia released?
When we are in season (i.e. not on hiatus working on the next season), episodes are released every other Thursday, with a few exceptions:

  1. Occasionally we take a break between story arcs, which we will announce at the end of whatever episode we release before that break.
  2. Occasionally we publish bonus stories that fall outside the season. These may be published during the season (for example, a holiday episode) or between seasons (such as with The Wolf Sisters episodes).
  3. Patreon exclusive storylines typically have a different schedule.


Are you accepting story submissions?

No, we are not accepting unsolicited submissions. Please don't send us short stories, writing samples, etc. For legal liability reasons, they will be deleted unread.

I'm an artist and would love to design a t-shirt / write a song / etc.

Awesome. We have worked with a number of musicians and fan artists, and we always obtain permission and compensate them for any work that is used on the show, on t-shirts, etc. Please reach out to us on Instagram, Twitter, or by email to show us your work.