Old Gods of Appalachia

Timeline of Important Events

Here there be spoilers. You have been warned.


1756: Daughter Dooley is born

1765: Daughter Dooley and her mothers come to the Colonies (Episode 0.5)

1779: Daughter Dooley meets Hornèd Head (Episode 0.5)

1794: Last Harbor (Episode 10)


Early 1800s: Barrow, PA established

1801: First binding of the Dead Queen

1821: Daughter Dooley is in Yellow Oak (Episode 6)

1848: Glory Ann Boggs (née Teasley) is born (Build Mama a Coffin, Patreon exclusive)

1860: Sheila Walker is born

1864: Glory Ann Teasley, her siblings Verna and Kyle, and Waylon Boggs encounter the Black Mouthed Dog (Black Mouthed Dog, Patreon exclusive)

1866: Marigold Underwood (née Graves) is born

1875: Priscilla Rose Walker is born

1881: Jerry Brotherton meets The Railroad Man (Episode 22)

1883: Carole Ann Walker (later Avery) is born

1884: Agnes Persephone Walker (later Norris) is born

1886: Marcia Lynn Walker is born

1886: Marigold and Lee Underwood are married

Mid-1880s: Events of episodes 67-69 + events of episode 70 featuring young Marigold and Doc

1890: Rebecca Victoria Walker (later Powers) is born

1892: Héloïse Jane (Ellie) Walker is born

1895: Douglass Lillian Walker is born


1902: The Clutch is established near what will become Baker's Gap (“The Wolf Sisters”)

1905: Waylon Boggs departs Boggs Holler (Build Mama a Coffin, Patreon exclusive)

1907: Sarah Avery is born

1907: Sheila Walker dies

1909: Jerry Brotherton retires to Baker’s Gap (Episode 24)

1910: Cletus Garvin makes a deal (Episode 3)

1911: Delia Hubbard is born

1913: The Incident with the Railroad Man and the Local Magistrate (Episodes 23-25)

1917 (Apr): Events of “The Wolf Sisters”

1917 (Aug): Barlo, KY 1917 (Episodes 1-5, 7 & 8)

1917 (Nov): Sarah Avery meets Elder Henry (Episode 9)

1918: Death of Doc Underwood (and events surrounding it covered in episode 70)

1922: Events of “Holiest Days of Bone and Shadow,” ch. 1

1924: Events of “Salt of the Earth”

1924: Events of episodes 60-65

1926 (Oct): The Gibson family moves to Craw, TN

1927 (Late winter / early spring): Craw, Tennessee falls

1927 (Mar): Events unfold for Cowboy and friends on Death Island and in Baker’s Gap (Episodes 14 – 17)

1927 (Spring): Events of “Springtime in Boggs Holler”

1927 (Aug): Cora Lee Tilley is invited to visit Good Mother Ministries (Episode 20)

1927 (September): Events of Build Mama A Coffin (Patreon exclusive)

1927 (Autumn): J.T. Fields (Jack) briefly returns to Dorchester before moving on to Paradise, TN / VA

1927 (Nov): The Tilleys encounter the Dead Queen (Episodes 18, 19, 21)

1928 (Jan — Spring): Tommy Adkins and Ginny Estep come to Paradise, TN / VA (Episodes 26 – 28)

1928 (Spring): The Dead Queen is confronted (Episodes 29 & 30)

1928 (Dec): Events of “Holiest Days of Bone and Shadow,” ch. 2

1930 (Autumn): Events of episodes 32-40

1932: Miss Lavinia is bound ("The Door Under the Floor,” Patreon exclusive)

1935 (Feb): Events of “Holiest Days of Bone and Shadow,” ch. 3

1935 (Oct): Events of episodes 44-45

1935 (Nov): Events of episodes 41-42

1935/36 (New Year's Eve): Events of episode 43

1936: Events of "Performance Review"

Mid-1930s: Events of episodes 55-58

1941 (Summer): Events of episodes 46-50

1941 (Autumn): Overarching events of Season Four

1975 (Oct): Events of “Bumper Crop”

1983 (Dec): Events of "School Spirit"

1992 (Autumn): Events of “The Door Under the Floor” (Patreon exclusive)

1993 (February): Events discussed in the latter half of “Date Night”