Old Gods of Appalachia
Episode 54: Caveat Emptor

Episode 54: Caveat Emptor

October 5, 2023

Jack confronts a face from the past he cannot name.

CW: Kidnapping, confinement, ambient sounds of a large crowded room, sounds of gagging/choking, court/legal proceedings, verbal/emotional abuse, description of/reference to bodily odors, description of death by horse, discussion of sex work, pregnancy, endangerment of a pregnant person, racism, non-graphic mention of the birth of a child.

Written by Steve Shell and Cam Collins
Narrated by Steve Shell
Sound design by Steve Shell
Produced and edited by Cam Collins and Steve Shell
The voice of D.L. Walker is Cam Collins
Intro music: “The Land Unknown (The Bloody Roots Verses)” written and performed by Landon Blood
Outro music: “Atonement” written and performed by Jon Charles Dwyer

Special equipment consideration provided by Lauten Audio.

Old Gods of Appalachia is a production of DeepNerd Media. All rights reserved.

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