Old Gods of Appalachia
Cheap Meat

Cheap Meat

October 31, 2022

On October 31st, 1972, an old pick up truck carried an even older man down the mountain to do his tradin' at the Cas Walker's in Stonega, VA.He never asked for no trouble. Y'all just remember that.

CW: Sound of screeching breaks/ sudden car horn with no impact, discussion of butchery of meat in a grocery store, mutilation, gore, physical assault (non sexual), disfigurement, death(s) by exsanguination.

Written by Steve Shell and Cam Collins
Narrated by Steve Shell
Sound design by Steve Shell
Produced and edited by Cam Collins and Steve Shell
Intro music: “50 Second Instrumental” written and performed by Landon Blood
Outro music: “If The Beasts Should Hunt Us” by Lonesome Wyatte and Rachel Brooke

Special equipment consideration provided by Lauten Audio.

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