Old Gods of Appalachia
Episode 33: Special Delivery

Episode 33: Special Delivery

April 14, 2022

Polly Barrow and her Hollow Men, Mr. Crain and Mr. Churchman, venture into the heart of coal country to make special deliveries to those who deserve them.

CW: References to occult phenomena, unnatural means of reproduction, sounds of a woman in psychic pain, a baby fussing and crying, massacre of a family, monster noises, appearance of (but not actual) child endangerment.

Written by Cam Collins
Narrated by Steve Shell
Sound design by Steve Shell
Produced and edited by Cam Collins and Steve Shell
The voice of Pretty Polly Barrow: Tracey Johnston-Crum
Intro Music: “The Land Unknown (The Pound of Flesh Verses)” written and performed by Landon Blood
Outro Music: "Pretty Polly” as performed by Landon Blood and John Lee Bullard

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