Old Gods of Appalachia
Episode 30: The Dead Queen

Episode 30: The Dead Queen

July 15, 2021

We gather to face the dark. Together.

CW: Gore, monster violence, mutilation, frank discussion of historical racism, assault, references to lynching, references to death of a child, descriptions of the desecration of dead bodies and cult activities.

Written by Cam Collins & Steve Shell
Narrated by Steve Shell
Sound design by Steve Shell
Directed by Steve Shell
Produced by Cam Collins and Steve Shell
Additional character voices by Stephanie Hickling Beckman, Shasparay Irvin, Cam Collins, Brandon Sartain, and Special Guest Dr. Ray Christian
Cultural sensitivity consultation by D.J. Rogers and Kataalyst Alcindor
Intro Music: “The Land Unknown (The Hollow Heart Verses)” written and performed by Landon Blood
Outro Music: “I Cannot Escape The Darkness” by Those Poor Bastards

Old Gods of Appalachia is a production of DeepNerd Media and is distributed by Rusty Quill. All rights reserved.

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