Old Gods of Appalachia
Build Mama a Coffin Finale Announcement

Build Mama a Coffin Finale Announcement

July 27, 2020

If you've been listening to Build Mama a Coffin over on The Patreon you know who I am. And if you ain't and ye don't, well you're about to. See, if i whispered my whole name — the one I was made with, real quiet like — right in y'all's ear — well... I think you might just burst into a whole plague of locusts right there on the spot, or else you might swallow your own heart and chew out your kidneys because you cain't pronounce it and it wouldn't never get out your head no how... but I digress. The old folks called me The Hungry Mother, The Pale Daughter, The Unsated Mouth. One old preacher tried to call me Babylon, but ain't nobody listening to him no more. Not where I put him. No sir.

You can call me Granny. Granny White.

Written by Steve Shell
Sound design by Steve Shell
Narrated by Betsy Puckett
Intro music: "Come, Children, Come," written and performed by Gravesend Weavers
Outro music: "Build Mama a Coffin," written and performed by Blood on the Harp