Old Gods of Appalachia
A Once-Told Tale: The Wolf Sisters Part Three

A Once-Told Tale: The Wolf Sisters Part Three

April 16, 2020

The Walker Sisters and their man Melvin journey into the darkest night Baker's Gap, TN has known in thirty years in this thrilling finale to The Wolf Sisters series, originally performed live on Discord.

CW: Frank discussion of historical racism and treatment of migrant workers, depictions of period racism, cult activity, shapeshifting, supernatural animal violence, gore, dismemberment of a dead body, references to the KKK (pejorative), spiritual/demonic possession themed elements, references to historical sex work, references to the death of an adult child.

Written by Steve Shell
Sound design by Steve Shell
Narrated by Steve Shell
The voice of Miss Darla: Stephanie Hickling Beckman
Intro music: "The Land Unknown," written and performed by Landon Blood
Outro music: "I Cannot Escape the Darkness," written and performed by Those Poor Bastards

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